For Websites

NetBetty is our fully functional transactional website product which allows you to take bets over the Internet. NetBetty integrates with our call centre and mobile products allowing your customers a single account from which they bet with you.

NetBetty uses NetBetty to manage its betting site

The website product is fast, robust, and exceedingly flexible. Net Betty also integrates with a number of bankcard acquisition products allowing online depositing of funds, and even the risk profiling of these deposits. Using NetBetty, the bookmaker can have multiple websites integrating into a single client database – this is useful if you market your sports betting under a number of different brands. NetBetty allows the bookmaker to manage their own site design if they wish to, providing a set of ASP pages that can be enhanced, amended, or added to.

We also provide a full design service for those who wish us to. Through a sophisticated set of rules and profiles that you invoke, NetBetty controls the acceptance of bets over the Internet, thus ensuring that you never find that you have accepted a bet you didn’t want. This powerful, yet easy to use product is based on Microsoft web technology, and requires a minimum of professional IT support to operate.

A Bet A Internet Lite runs on A Bet A Internet Lite

You may wish to have an online website to complement your retail and call centre business, but perhaps you don’t have the resources to manage a fully-fledged Internet operation yourself.

A Bet A Internet Lite gives you a web presence and a full content online betting website managed by one of our online partners. You determine what liability you want to stand, and anything else is laid off for you automatically.