For Call Centres

Our call centre products are fully functional and cost-effective: scaleable from a single seat centre to hundreds of operators.


Placing a bet with Betty is simple and fast

Credit Betting Call-Centres have become one of A Bet A's fastest growing areas of sales and support. Offshore and UK Bookmakers alike have found the straightforward functionality of the system a springboard for the rapid expansion and development of their telephone betting business. Many are now looking to integrate their call-centre operations with on-line Integrated Internet systems provided by A Bet A.

The A Bet A Credit System has been specifically designed for the management of telephone betting operations, with specialized features for managing credit accounts, deposit betting and the acceptance of Debit Card payments, under the Switch and Delta schemes and Credit and Laser Cards in Ireland. While some bookmakers offer one or the other, many are willing to combine the two. The A-Bet Credit System is designed so that with the addition of the Debit Authorization module, the methods can be managed through the same system in parallel.

Years of Experience in Bookmaking, betting shop management and the computer industry have gone into its development. The proven success of the System is reflected in a client list of the best known and biggest names in bookmaking both in the UK and Ireland, as well as interests overseas.