For Shops

However large or small, whatever the language, whatever the currency, your culture, however your customers wish to bet with you, we have a comprehensive, cost effective bet acceptance and settling system for you!

All backed by our professional and responsive support team.


Betty Software is simple to use with an intuitive interface


For the traditional betting shop, or the more modern betting lounge or kiosk, A Bet A EPOS is the most secure, reliable and fully functional product around. Fast and accurate bet acceptance by callover, slip capture, or OMR of any type of coupon.

All EPOS sites can be linked to a central site in real time for complete control over betting opportunities and odds, and an up to the second business wide view of your liabilities.

Self Service EPOS

The Qubie terminal is a customer self service terminal, allowing your customers to bet anytime, anywhere. Reduce staff costs, add to existing EPOS facilities, or site these terminals in pubs, clubs, casinos, or gaming centres.

Each terminal offers the full range of betting opportunities found in any shop, and can have fixed odds betting games integrated as well.


BetMaker is a bet preparation terminal and also a customer information terminal displaying real-time odds and markets. This allows the customer to browse and compile their bet, and to print out a betting slip for validation. The customer then takes the slip to the counter, it is scanned; they pay their money, and in return receive a valid betting slip receipt. It’s fast, easy, free of mistakes, and takes away the burden of back office editing.

It’s available at an unbeatable cost, with no long contract tie-ins. In the current economic climate you’ll save money and increase efficiency from the moment you install it.

Add five new BetMaker members to your shop team for the cost of one new member of staff.